Welcome to the realm of love. We believe that love is the foundation of happiness.

Our mission is to inspire you – no matter what your gender, age, sexual orientation, place of birth may be, to connect with the love within your heart and follow your dreams. Be a mirror that shines back to you your beauty. Help you become free of your self-imposed limitations and obstacles.

Whether it’s about romantic relationships, career goals, or perfect health, the secret to fulfilling your wishes and achieving your goals is simple: live in the NOW with love, gratitude, and joy.

Fulfill your love dream
Through articles, special programs and online courses for women and men, one to one coaching, its Facebook community, The Project Of Love aims at helping you to fulfill your love dream. Do you want to be in a happy couple relationship or build a career around your passion? We are here for you, just choose what suits you best at this moment. Also, don’t forget to claim your free ‘Love Booster Toolkit’ and monthly inspirational love dream newsletter.



Find the love within
Pop culture tells us that there are several types of love. Ancient wisdom says that it’s impossible to define love, you just need to find it in your heart and experience it. In your daily interactions, love will manifest in various ways, leading to different levels of intimacy such as hearfelt emails, hugs, or love making. But the essence remains unchanged: a sense of connectedness, harmony, excitement, peace, joy, of being in the flow. When you connect with the love inside your heart you blossom like a flower caressed by the sun.

Become an ambassador of love
Our choices are based either on fear or love. Fear leads to hatred, violence, contraction, illness, war, poverty, death, slavery. Love leads to expansion, freedom, health, expression, well-being. Love is an infinite fountain of youth and wealth. The answer to the modern times’ turmoil is not politics or riots. It is the shift from fear to love that happens at an individual level. We stand by you in this process. We hope you join us as an ambassador love. We hope that together we will encourage and inspire the people around us to do the same. Read more about it in our manifesto.

A.G. Billig

Founder of The Project Of Love

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