The Project Of Love began with a book. Firstly, it was the urge to write ‘I Choose Love.’ Secondly, the idea of creating a platform and a community around love.

I never thought I would write non-fiction books until a series of events shattered my inner and outer world. Challenging situations, the sudden death of dear friends, a surge of violence around the world, forced me to put life into perspective, make decisions, face my fears, and make a choice.

I had to choose between slowly dying on the inside, living a comfortable life but dull life in and embarking on a new journey. Between stepping into the unknown and remaining on the safe grounds of my comfort zone. In the end, the fear of dying having lived an empty, meaningless was so strong that I had move.

I realized that I had enough of living, I craved to be alive. Live every moment with joy and passion and meaning. Make a difference in the world. Stop pretending I am someone I am not, be authentic. My intuition told me that the only way was love. Invite love in every aspect of my life. Love as my inner essence. Love as the light that shines in my eyes, brightens my smile, inspires me, and makes me irresistible.

How can one who’s lived in fear most of her life (like most of us do) can shift to love? This process takes longer than one day. It takes time, persistence, and specific tools. My spiritual journey, which began in 2009, provided the appropriate tools and frame to make the shift.

I share these instruments the Amazon best-seller ‘I Choose Love.‘ There is so much more to live than just romantic love. The most important love lesson I’ve learned along the way, as well as the theme of the book, is that to be loved we need to be love. I know that many people are desperate for a partner, for someone to give them love and affection. Funny enough, the moment we become love, we don’t have to chase anybody. The right person will simply appear in our life.

You can read about this – and much more in my book, I Choose Love – A Journey From Fear To Love. Click on the image bellow to view it in the Amazon store.

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